April 17, 2017

Who Laid This Egg – Mary, Molly or Betso?

They just egg-nored me so omelettin’ it slide.

By In General
My parents have keep three chickens – a resplendently coloured Mary Tudor, an ultra-friendly Molly and an overly plump Betso. Until last week there was a fourth but Mr Fox got her.

I have no idea what they are feeding them. Looked like Coco-pops for breakfast yesterday. But just marvel at the cracking output. Egg-streme! The one on the left is from either Mary, Molly or Betso. For comparison on the far right is a Burford Brown egg, then a normal large sized egg, a Clarence Court duck egg and on the right one from either Mary, Molly or Betso. That has gotta hurt! And it isn’t a one off either… I scrambled to collect a box of six all of this gigantic size. After rolling out of bed it was cracked open for a Bank Holiday cooked breakfast. Unsurprisingly it was doubled yoked. Boiled eggs. Hard to beat, aren’t they? But my ended up fried.

I’ve just weighed two of the largest. One came in at 107g the other 110g. Not, sadly, that earth-shattering as the world record holder from 1956 weighs in at 454g/16oz (according to the Guinness World Records). Although another mention gives the record to ‘The largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring 31cm (12.2in) around the long axis, 22.8cm (9in) around the short and weighing nearly 340g (12oz). ”It was laid by a Black Minorca at Mr Stafford’s Damsteads Farm, Mellor, Lancs, in 1896.”

The largest egg ever laid by a living bird weighed in at five pounds and 11.35 ounces, according to Guinness. That egg was laid by an ostrich on a farm in Borlänge, Sweden in May 2008. Mary, Molly, Betso – you have some way to go.

Who Laid This Egg – Mary, Molly or Betso?

Who tells the best egg jokes?


I did suggest that the family hatch a plan to discover which of the three is actually laying the over-large eggs. They just egg-nored me so omelettin’ it slide.

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