August 10, 2008

Waiter There’s Something In My… Picnic Wrap

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If this mornings fine weather holds and doesn’t degenerate into a repeat of yesterdays drizzle interspersed with heavy showers, I might just wander down to the side of the Thames for a picnic. A lazy afternoon watching the barges and holiday hire white boats cruising up and down appeals today. A glass of wine, the papers and a rug. And some food.

Perfect picnic fare for this months Waiter There’s Something In My… For the perfect Picnic rosé wine i suggest the Perdido Rosé from Navarra, Spain.

Chicken Wraps with Apple, Bacon and Pine Nuts

Gently fry some chopped bacon, add a little chopped cooking apple and a handful of pine nuts. Cook until the apple is soft, the bacon crispy and the pine nuts begin to colour. Remove from heat and cool. The large wrap, pictured, took half an apple and half a slice of bacon.

Combine pre-cooked chicken pieces with mayonnaise (or just dollop a little around as in the photo).

Pile in the centre of a deli wrap a handful of salad leaves (rocket, spinach and watercress being my preferred choice). Top with a little of the chicken and the bacon-apple-pine nut mix. Tightly roll the wrap into a cylinder and cut into slices or leave whole and secure with a cocktail stick.

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  1. johanna August 10, 2008

    wow… this looks delicious! i wouldn’t mind making the trip to henley for this… yum!
    thanks for your contribution to WTSIM, great photo, as usual

  2. Manggy August 11, 2008

    Ooh wow, I love that pre-wrapped wrap pic. I hope you won’t think I’m such a guy, but my eye shoots directly to the bacon– it just makes a dish! 🙂

  3. Andrew August 11, 2008

    Thanks muchly; and I can confirm it was as tasty as it looks!

  4. Peppo August 11, 2008

    The wrap looks like one of those you can find in any uk supermarket. Not very good indeed. Have you tried a wrap that tastes of something? I suggest an Italian piadina.

  5. Jeanne August 11, 2008

    OMG that looks good! I can almost smell the bacon and apples frying… I demand that you make this for our next Henley regatta picnic 😉
    Sadly, unless your weather was dramatically different from ours yesterday afternoon, that might have been a rather damp picnic… The joys of a British summer!

  6. Andrew August 11, 2008

    tasted fine to me Peppo.
    Weather here just as dismal I am afraid Jeanne…

  7. arfi August 21, 2008

    looks easy and tasty at the same time. nice for wrapping, andrew. i pass waiter this month, there’s no way we could go out for picnicking here in new zealand. looking forward to seeing the round up!