June 22, 2012

Today Is My Birthday

By In Photographs
Today just happens to be my birthday. Luckily I forget the exact age. I’m assuming few, apart from my mother, remembered. She sent me a card which arrived yesterday. I’ve not opened it yet but expect the picture to be either of a cat or a wine bottle.

No one, I imagine, thought to send me a cake. So it is lucky that those nice people at Baker Days were after some publicity/feed-back and sent me one. Its small but perfectly formed and slips through the letter box with ease. As it is designed to.

Thanks in advance for the torrent of twitter and facebook congratulations. So nice not to have to send out a prompt… 😉


You can read more about the Baker Days Birthday Cake on The Foodie List.

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  1. Vladimir Chupakhin June 22, 2012

    Happy birthday!


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