January 23, 2007

The Ultimate Stew Recipe Collection

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Here we go then, the Waiter There’s Something In My… Stew round-up. A mighty impressive array of entries; the problem now is which one to try out first! The 40 44 entries are listed in the order they arrived in my inbox, hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Lamb Shank Stew from Freya at Writing At The Kitchen Table complete with blue potatoes.

Lamb and Eggplant Curry from Petra at Foodfreak “more reminiscent of middle-eastern foods than Indian or Pakistani fare”.

Beef Stew With Dried Mushrooms from Kalyn at Kalyns Kitchen – one for those on the South Beach Diet.

A Not Paying Attention Jambalaya from Neil at At My Table “a dish that looks like it sounds, sort of a jumble of everything”.
Chettinad Karakozhambu ( A Spicy Eggplant Stew) was supplied by Dhivya “the Chettinad region in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu, boasts of one of the spiciest and the most aromatic dishes you can find in Indian cuisine. It is famous for its use of a variety of spices and the dishes are hot and pungent with fresh ground masalas – this eggplant curry being no exception”.

Astrid brings to the mix a Melt In Your Mouth Shin Stew via Paulchens and a Jamie Oliver cookbook.
Chicken with Prunes & Apricots is the delicious rendition from Elizabeth and Blog From Our Kitchen adapted from A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavourings.

Great to see a wine-blog participating, hello to Edward and his Spanish inspired Seafood stew with Rice “Wine? I had planned on something white and Spanish. Alas – all I could find was a Marlborough Pinot Gris, which was a competent and satisfying, if geographically distant match”.
Chicken and Noodles comes from Mickey at Kitchen Inferno “our family’s favorite ‘granny dish’ “.

Is it a soup or a stew? Well it’s slow cooked so in my book it’s in! Andrea brings us a Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup via Andrea’s Recipe Box ”
More ‘soup’ from Lynne with a Mulligatawny Soup on Cafe Lynnylu accompanied by some lovely photos.
Ashleigh does us proud with a Family Beef Casserole which is just the excuse you need to go and buy a new pot!

Gerda goes Hungarian with a Székelygulyás (or in Hungarian a szegedin goulash) on Tschoerda – one to take us through these cold, stormy days.

Pille on Nami-Nami adapts an Anthony Bourdain recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon, a mouth-watering rendition indeed.

Brilynn on Jumbo Empanadas is certainly milking this one by entering her Venison Stew With Dumplings in three different blog events – but who cares when it looks so good!

A highly amusing post from Ros with her ‘boozy mixed game stew with port and chestnut mushrooms‘ on Roshani but to read its new name you will have to read the entry!

Johanna, The Passionate Cook, and instigator of Waiter There’s Something In… has gone native on us with Gulaschsuppe (goulash soup, Hungarian gulyas).

Meenakshi a Chicken and Bean Coconut Stew found on her Hooked On Heat blog.

The lovely Bron brings us CD Camp Carbonnade of Beef from her Bron Marshall blog.

Another ‘out of season’ entry from I-Ling and a Japanese dish – Niku Jaga on Feed Me!
The Hungarians are showing well in this roound-up; Zsofi brings us a Hungarian Meatless Potato Goulash on Chili & Vanila “To tell you the truth, this (no meat) is not very typical Hungarian –at home we would almost always add some smoked sausages or frankfurters”.

From Kayak Soup a Chicken with Artichokes and Peas, a recipe from Gourmet Magazine brought to delicious-looking life by Linda

Anne has been at the whisky! No surprise there then – Red Wine Beef Stew With Lentils and Whisky on her Anne’s Food blog. Boozer! 😉

Sarah at Eating Britain brings us a delightful English dish – well it makes a change from Hungarian – with Sussex Stew that uses Harvy’s Sweet Sussex stout.

And down to Morocco with Rachel’s take on Chicken Tangine with Lemon and Olives. She suggests that “The olives really make this dish and the ones out of the jar won’t be as fresh. If you have to use jarred olives, make sure you buy large ones.”

‘Shove a muffins on top’ is Celia’s cry as she creates Muffin-Topped Beef Stew on English Patis. I got her all excited for some reason; first time for everything I guess 😉

I penned a light-hearted piece on wine with Bison, Kangeroo and Zebra over on Spittoon but never considered that people actually ate Moose! How wrong I was as Molly sends us details of Moose Stew from Some What Refined. Being based in Alaska goes to explain the choice of meat!

From Moose to Pheasant with the Cottage Smallholder, Fiona, providing a Pheasant stew with mushrooms, oven baked shallots and Puy lentils. I too now suffer from the pangs of ‘Pheasantitis’.

Another seafood entry; this from Michelle on Je Mange Le Ville with a Life Aquatic Seafood Stew

Sarina at the TriniGourmet brings us a Trinidad Beef Stew with Herbed Dumplings. adapted from a recipe in the Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook. Some good cooking tips to explore here.

Elle goes with a Chicken Paprikash Stew on Feeding My Enthusiasms. A dish sure to get the taste buds going.
And to Spain with Zorra’s Olive Bean Stew on Kochtopf “Of course I used for my stew some typical Spanish specialties: chorizo, pimentón and olives. It turned out delicious!”

I too went Spanish with my Chorizo and Potato Stew and found a rather good wine to accompany it, too!

Valisa had a confusing moment earlier, ppor thing, but pulled through like the trouper she is and devised a great Sausage Stew over on Lekker Lekker Lekkerste. “I think I read his brief wrong. But the experiment was delicious and I am glad to have read it wrong. I thought he wanted a post about having sausages in a stew and I thought what a mahvellouz idea since I have been dying to try out the new fresh sausage available in my halal butcher in dalca”.

Cook Almost Anything Once has created a Chermoula Chicken Tagine recipe, that looks damn delicious.
Next we have Jeanne, the third-instigator of this event, who provides a wonderful entry on Twice Cooked Oxtail Stew. Something I have never eaten is Oxtail – with such an inspiring post this will soon change!

Marie-Laure has provided a stew that is served on ginger-bread – how interesting is that! You can read all about Carbonade Flamande on Autres Délices.

In total contrast Spinach Dal-Dhokli is order of the day on One Hot Stove, lovingly created and photographed by Nupur.

Danielle meanwhile throws together, on Habeas Brulee, Malaysian Beef Curry with Thick Onion Sauce (Daging Nasi Kandar) adapted from Madhur Jaffrey’s Far Eastern Cookery.

Jenni at Pertelote has gone all Moroccan on us with a Lamb stew with butternut squash and very nice it looks too!
Then we have Sue at Coffee and Cornbread has a tasty looking Lazy Day Stew – something very close to my heart is being lazy.

And four late arrivals – we head off to see Cliva and her Gambian Peanut Butter Stew and then over to chat with Rayma and her Vegetarian Curried Tofu Stew. Then a Blanquette de Veau from that French Foodie IN the City, Aurore. Finally Gretchen pops up from Peru with more peanuts in a Chicken Peanut Stew.

Thanks girls, all worth waiting for.

Pheeew… how good are these!?
The second round of Waiter There’s Something In My… is being hosted by Jeanne the Cooksister.

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  1. Pille January 23, 2007

    Great choice of recipes – I certainly got some delicious ideas for the upcoming weekends. The proper winter has arrived here now, finally, so stews are really appropriate. Thanks for hosting the event, Andrew. I wonder what February has in store?

  2. Andrew January 23, 2007

    Can’t agree with you more Pille; a great many here I wish to try.
    The next round is to be held by Jeanne, Cooksister. Not allowed to tell you the theme though 🙂

  3. Andrea January 23, 2007

    Wonderful round up! Thanks for hosting Andrew. I’ve going to try the Chicken Paprikash Stew this week.

  4. Ros January 23, 2007

    Wow- what a lot of entries! I’m going to have fun going through all of these. Thanks very much for hosting this Andrew!
    I should probably have mentioned in my e-mail that my blog is called ‘Living to Eat’not, ‘Roshani’ as you thought. ‘Roshani’ is just my full name.

  5. zsofi January 23, 2007

    Dear Andrew, thank you very much for hosting the event -so many great recipes! And I’m so proud to see a lot of Hungarian stews:)

  6. Ash January 23, 2007

    Wow, what a lot of hard work everyone put in, and what a lot of work for you assembling the lists. Thanks so much for doing this. I’ll be reading through everyone’s recipes and gleaning ideas. I do have to make the most of that new pot after all!

  7. ejm January 23, 2007

    Wow!! What a great looking roundup! I’m really looking forward to reading through them all.
    P.S. Is it just me, or does anyone else see a huge grey box covering up the top part of the post and making it impossible to fill in the comment form?

  8. Elle January 23, 2007

    Great roundup. So many new stews to try. Perfect theme for this time of year in N. hemisphere. Thanks Andrew for so much work and a nice way with words, too!

  9. Sue January 23, 2007

    Wow look at all the entries! Great job and now I need time to read them all.

  10. Andrew January 24, 2007

    Three very late additions (taking the number of entries up to 47) –
    Ulrike with a Hearty winter veg soup
    and Kit with a Lamb and Barley stew
    finally Silvana with another Chicken and Barley Stew

  11. Rachel January 28, 2007

    Wow! Lots of great stews. Thanks for organizing the roundup.

  12. Andrew January 31, 2007

    Three further late entries:
    Shelly, at an Open Cupboad, gives us Cholent which is a Jewish stew apparently.
    Christina at the Thorngrove Table has a 15th Centrury Stew… anyone who says I was around when it was invented gets a clout…
    And finally Y at LemonPie is doing something creative with octopus.
    Thank you everyone for participating, even if you are incredible late!