June 26, 2017

On The Road in Puglia Campi Salentina

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On the Road in Salento Campi Salentina – our home for a few days the little town of Campi Salentina, Campi for short. Under the auspices of Salento Wine Tours the hot spots of Puglia, Italy were laid open. A little sprinkle of culture, a look at the tourist hot-spots and some totally marvellous food and top-notch wine and a fantastic few days were ensured. Campi may lack the Baroque masterpieces of Lecce just down the road but it does have its own charms and delights. Its also the home of the Obama… a baked chocolate masterpiece that I know have a hankering for…

While the food and wine highlights will be detailed on Spittoon, I thought these photos of the churches, Corta and buildings of Campi were worth airing.

Baroque does make an appearance in Campi – the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie dominates the central town square. The building dates from around 1658-1700 and replaces an older building. There is a fab 3d tour of the interior available on the church website. Worth a look if only for the music that is played – adds much if you play it in the back ground while looking at my little collection of images below… You can click to move right up to the alter and behind it don’t miss the artefacts and saints (?) bones in the side crypts here (which I didn’t get to see in my brief visit).

Photo Gallery: On The Road in Puglia Campi Salentina

On the Road in Puglia Campi Salentina.

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