January 26, 2007

Red Mullet

By In Photographs
Who could resist such delicious looking fish? Not me for a start; a couple of these consumed with gusto yesterday evening. Oxford’s covered market has several fishmongers and butchers located within its walls each with a marvellous array of produce – makes you wish you lived in the city really.

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  1. shalimar January 29, 2007

    gosh thats nearly £12 a kilo… in Italy last time I saw fresh red mullet it was about 5euro per kilo.

  2. Ros January 30, 2007

    Those certainly are good looking fish, although the one in the bottow row in the middle looks a bit grumpy!
    £12 per kilo isn’t unusual for red mullet around here. I got them slightly cheaper in Sainsbury’s once but in general they are that expensive.

  3. Andrew January 30, 2007

    LOL – he does look like he has a gump on! Maybe the one above him with the smirk on is up to something!

  4. MeltingWok February 9, 2007

    wow, those red mullets looks much better looking than those here in Southern California. haa..I got some mud crabs and steamed whole black cod, anyone wanna try ? Anyway, thanks for sharing, cheers !:)