November 9, 2009

Photos of Portugal – from the SudExpress

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I’ve been to Portugal – for the Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon. The Conference weekend was excellent and I managed to taste more Portuguese wines than I’ll ever have time to write up. Some were good, excellent in fact, others were not. Really not.

The fun part though was getting to Lisbon in the first place. No cheapie EasyJet from Luton option for us (I travelled with DougieBoy who has written up a little post on the same) instead a rather more romantic, individualistic, adventurous method of transportation – the train.
Beginning at the St. Pancras Champagne Bar on the Thursday morning – we had to start the day in style – the EuroStar took us to Paris Gare du Nord, a hop on the metro down to a waiting TGV at Gare Montparnasse that screamed us down to the Spanish border, then a walk across the platform to the waiting SudExpress (trains are so much better when named!) which was the overnighter to Lisbon. We arriving at 11 the next morning. So simple, so easy and so much more exciting than an ‘plane. More expensive obviously but with a drop of Taittinger and a little red Burgundy to wash down a grandiose picnic the whole journey was sublime.

These pictures were taken really early in the morning as we crossed into Portugal. Incredible fog, low light levels and exceptionally grubby windows does not make for decent photo opportunities but these I think are about passable, imparting as they do a sense of movement. Not at all my usual ‘style’ but evocative none-the-less in an out-of-focus, monochromatic way. This last photo is of the SudExpess coach itself with a reflection of Lisbons’ Santa Apolonia Station; not the most exciting photo in the world I admit…

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  1. Helen November 9, 2009

    I love how you constantly do the photos down in that post – I rather enjoyed them personally 😉 Lisbon was so much fun. I’ve tried to conquer the fear a little and start writing about it. Shame we didn’t get to see more of each other before we left.

  2. Lizzie November 10, 2009

    Great photos – and I’m sure a much more comfortable journey than the horrid Sleazyjet… ugghh…

  3. Gabriella Opaz November 15, 2009

    Honestly, the thought of taking a train to Portugal would never have crossed my mind prior to this point. Now I’m hooked on the idea, and am wondering when I can fit it into our schedule in 2010. Likelihood, slim, but I’ll keep dreaming 🙂
    Great to see you in Lisbon Andrew, and thanks again for kind comments! Hopefully we’ll see you next year as well, wherever we land in the world.

  4. wine_scribbler November 18, 2009

    It really was so much fun! And where ever the next conference is I think I will again go by train!