June 15, 2009

Photos from South Africa 8 – Beyerskloof

By In Photographs
A lunch at Beyerskloof, the spiritual home of Pinotage. The restaurant overlooks vineyards and in the distance the Kanonkop hill. This was a signal station with the canon firing when ships arrived in the Cape Town harbour.
The restaurant is not as high-brow as some of the other vineyard restaurants we visited; a welcome change actually. My choice of starter was my initiation into snails, meaty little blighters, dripping with garlic butter. Superb with Beyerskloofs Brut Sparkling Rosé.

No idea how I managed to snap a picture of an empty restaurant; the place was full and buzzing!
The Pinotage burger had been touted all week as the restaurant’s best dish; so it seemed churlish not to try it. It is the relish on top, rather than the burger itself, that contias the pinotage. It was nice, rather than being terribly memorable (unlike the snails) but washed down with copious glasses of the Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve made for a most enjoyable lunch…

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  1. melanie June 22, 2009

    That looks like a fantastic place! nice photos

  2. Andrew July 1, 2009

    It is Melanie; well worth a visit.

  3. osorio July 5, 2009

    My cousin was in Aerorand city, Middelburg not that long ago. He enjoyed the trip and it’s cuisine. Got to say beaut photos, though your making my mouth water as I type! nice.