March 31, 2011

Photos from Portugal: Casa de Mouraz

By In Photographs
A few extra photograph taken at Casa de Mouraz, a marvellous winery in the heart of the Dao, Portugal. I didn’t want the full report over on Spittoon to be smothered by too many images; so the extras have ended up here. Full photos from the trip and more from Casa de Mouraz are on flickr.

I’ve also included a rather poor shot of the meal we had after the winery tour and tasting. or some reason it seems I thought holding my camera above my head while seated would result in a decent shot. Fool. This was lunch, by the way, with plenty of the estates wines to wash the rustic-edged food down. As our PR guide, Sarah Johnson, says on her company blog post it is really hard to return to a cheese sandwich and a cuppa after such trips…

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