June 28, 2009

Photos: Eguisheim, Alsace

By In Photographs
First stop in the Alsace wine tour, Eguisheim home to, amongst others, Domaine Paul Zinck and the restaurant Au Vieux Porche. While the father and son manage the wine making, seperated by a cobbled drive way a sister manages the restaurant.
Over lunch an introduction to the wines of Paul Zinck, thus specifics and photos over on Spittoon, then a more formal tasting and a wander through Eguisheim. It is one of those quintessential Alsatian villages, verging on the twee perhaps but a delight to discover.

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  1. Douglas July 2, 2009

    May we please see some pictures of your illustrious travelling comrades?

  2. Andrew July 5, 2009

    There are three photos that were released ‘for twitter only’
    Basically my birthday meal pics inc surprise cake, chap is Thierry Kientzler there is also Christine Austin (who writes for the Yorkshire Post) and Heather Dougherty (a local Surrey based paper) http://bit.ly/3q5t4T http://bit.ly/1S79Fs http://bit.ly/yxfqw