November 12, 2011

People from the EWBC 2011

By In Photographs
I’m guessing that most people, are little different to me in finding that enthusiasm in interests wax and wane. One week inspiration is totally lacking for writing or blogging, for photography, for travel. The next, wine seems to have lost its lustre. Combine all and a wine writer/blogger is in a perilous state. Such a predicament climaxed during the late summer months, closure of the websites and abandoning the online world entirely, was just a couple of clicks away.

Then along came the European Wine Bloggers Conference in northern Italy. Excitement was heightened, the interest reinvigorated, the thrill returned. The thrill and buzz, the rekindling of old friendships, the founding of new, aided no doubt by the genial, generous flow of alcohol.

So this little photo post, is dedicated to those that travelled to Brescia and on to Alto Adige and Fruili in the days after the conference proper. Thanks for making the event such joyous fun and re-lighting that creative spark.

(And sorry to Sophie for being the banner picture – it was all set automatically, promise, and I can’t seem to be able to change it!)

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  1. ryan November 12, 2011

    Lovely shots!

  2. Mariëlla November 12, 2011

    So recognisable! Thanks Andrew, for sharing with us.

  3. Andrew November 12, 2011

    So many people there and I only managed to take pictures of a few!


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