September 20, 2009

Pear Gorgonzola and Walnut Salad

By In Recipes
You can forget your Jamie Oliver magazine and chuck out the latest issue of Olive or Delicious; the most inspiring food magazine I’m found recently has been the Autumn 2009 issue of the free Waitrose Seasons Cookbook.

Stewed Apples, Greek Yoghurt and crumbled Amaretti biscuits (or walnuts and/or served on toasted brioche) was one delicious Sunday treat from the little magazine. The Chocolate Pecan Tart is about to enter the oven while the ‘Hog Roast’ Rolls were delicious and utilised some windfall apples some friendly soul in Brightwell had plonked in a box. All came from the Waitrose cookbook.

This autumnal salad isn’t blessed with an atmospheric photo but is almost discarded as a ‘Try This’ suggestion. Perfectly ripe pears, sliced, served with a little Gorgonzola cheese topped with a few crushed walnuts and the last of the home-grown salad leaves. A drizzle of Farrington’s Classic Vinaigrette completed the ‘light lunch’ or starter. (The vinaigrette by the way is superb and made from cold pressed rape seed oil).

Had a few problems getting a suitable wine match though. An expensive (£12 from Threshers) Chilean Viognier was disappointing both in terms of matching the food and delivering value-for-money while a Dolcetto was also suggested. A £3.99 Californian non-vintage white proved equally suitable and virtuous to boot.

Pear, Gorgonzola and Walnut Salad

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  1. aforkfulofspaghetti September 25, 2009

    a delicious, classic combo – can’t be beaten of all the ingredients are top-notch, IMHO

  2. chocolate shavings October 6, 2009

    Beautiful presentation!

  3. Cookie October 7, 2009

    I have no idea what wine to match with this dish but it sounds fantastic just on its own!

  4. Joanna in the kitchen October 8, 2009

    So simple, soo good looking sooo yummy.