June 27, 2013

Nino Franco Prosecco Plate to Page Competition

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Rather an honour really to be asked to be a photo judge. But I was. Those talented ladies behind the Plate to Page writing/photography workshops in conjunction with Prosecco producer Nino Franco set up a challenge at their last, Ireland-based, workshop.

The brief was simple – provide a photo showcasing a Nino Franco Prosecco to best effect, as well as a title and an artist’s statement of intent. A fantastic opportunity for the workshop participants to flex their skills with a fully commercial angle.

Each of the judges viewed and rated each submission independently. The final decision/ranking was resolved last Monday at Hawksmoor restaurant in the city. Jeanne, who joined me later, suggested a blog post with my comments attached to each photo… so here we are. The final debate over each photo was quite wide-ranging. I’ve put the main points of each photo under each entrant. These are my views only and may differ from the Nino Franco family and Dacotah Renneau (who handles PR for Nino Franco), the other judges.

Having recently received some similar comments against a set of my own photographs I realise how harsh such comments can appear. They are meant to be totally constructive.

For the winning photo (and a generously added) second place winner, head on over to the Plate to Page website.

Nino Franco Prosecco Plate to Page Competition Entries

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  1. Nino Franco August 22, 2013

    Thank you Andrew & artists who submitted photographs of our Rustico Prosecco. Each and one was wonderful and to have our/your efforts published on spittoon extra is a prize in itself.

    Best Wishes

    Nino Franco
    Prosecco for Perfectionists


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