September 27, 2010

More Photos From Sweden

By In Photographs
The image is all – personally I don’t mind how photoshopped an image is – layered, textured, montaged, bisected, bleached – as long as the final result is good. It can be interesting or stunning, colourful or subdued but if it imparts an emotion then even better! I know of several foodie photographers who sneer at the very thought of using photoshop on their images (several of who are telling fibs as their pictures have so obvioulsy been through the photoshop mill) but they are missing a trick. Since the dawn of photography images have been tweaked, burned and dodged. The end result is what matters. (click on each for larger sized view – as with many things they are better viewed larger.)
Ever increasing number of photos of the culinary tour of Sweden are on Flickr. And I will get to the food eventually!

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