June 14, 2015

Monastery of St. Nicholas Metsovo

Monastery Agios Nikolaos

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Allow more time than the ubiquitous Greek “15 minutes” for the walk to the Monastery of St. Nicholas (Monastery Agios Nikolaos). It will take longer, quite a bit longer if you take in the views and stop every few paces for a photo shoot. The destination is well worth the time; the only issue once you have walked down the valley side and visited the Monastery is the walk back up the hill. Daunting! If you are staying at the Katogi Averoff Winery and Hotel I am sure they will assist in a pick up at the bottom.

The walk – ideal in spring time – takes in the centre of Metsovo (we are in Greece by the way), woodland, a waterfall and stream and the Monastery itself. Further on are the Monastery vineyards and right at the bottom of the valley a fast flowing river.

Photo Gallery: Monastery of St. Nicholas Metsovo Greece

These photos were taken during a Circle of Wine Writers tour of Northern Greece in May 2015. Also on the trip was video expert Stephen Quinn, whose excellent 3 minute video of the visit I’ve embeded below. It gives a few more details of the monastery and of St. Nicolas.

Video: Monastery of St. Nicholas Metsovo

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  1. Rosana, Hot&Chilli Food and Travel Blog June 14, 2015

    Again another fabulous place and wonderful images. What a hidden gem! R


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