May 26, 2015

Monastery Agioi Theodoroi Rapsani

taken during the Rapsani Wine Adventure

By In Photographs
Rather than add further photos to the already bloated Rapsani Wine Adventure Gallery, I thought the photographs of the Agioi Theodoroi Monastery in Rapsani, Greece should have their own post. It is what SpittoonExtra was designed for, an add on to Spittoon but without any wine. A flying visit to the Monastery, as is always the way with press trips, we were running on Greek time after all (aka very late), but I really could have done with more time to really explore and capture this remote building.

Amazingly there is next to nothing on the internet covering this monastery. I found just one photo and it took an age to find the exact location for the GPS coordinates, which doesn’t really matter here but I do like to know where I was while in the Lightroom Map module. While I do actually own a GPS unit for my camera but the connection has broken. Its a slight design flaw I think as the camera strap conflicts with the cable from the unit when it is plugged into the side of the camera body. Only last month I snapped the actual cable at the camera connection point, now its the connection itself. I am truly hoping my next camera upgrade will have GPS built in.

Anyway, towards the end of the Rapsani Wine Adventure the road down the side of the mountain runs close to this monastery. We caught it under the last rays of the afternoon sunlight. Just imagine the quietest of woodland locations, with a scent of pine and freshly rained on undergrowth…

Photo Gallery: Monastery Agioi Theodoroi, Rapsani

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