August 27, 2007

Last Call: Does My Blog Look Good In This

By In Blog Events

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  1. None August 31, 2007

    It is becoming so professional event.It should be named as Does my photo looks very beautiful in my web????as there are both owners of free blogs and paying bloggers. Hope there will be a world food photo with pointing system .I mean some sort of
    upgrading.BTW, are you both judge and participant
    OR any voting rolls like elctorate????

  2. ????????? September 1, 2007

    when are the results ?
    who are the judges ?

  3. Mansi September 10, 2007

    oh NO!!!! did i miss this???? the picture gallery looks soooooooo pretty!!!
    i feel like eating everything:(

  4. andrew September 11, 2007

    sorry for the delay in posting the winners. just moved house, no internet connection yet, writing this in cafe…