September 13, 2009

It’s Late! But It’s Still Great – DMBLGIT Results

By In Blog Events
Sorry for the delay in posting the results – all down to a combination of work deadlines, a delay with a judges scoring and so on. I should say a huge thank you to this months two judges the lovely Helen of FoodStories and man-about-town Douglas of Intoxicating Prose. Along with myself they have selected the following images as winners of this round of Does My Blog Look Good In This.

Overall Winner: Bake In Paris with this stunning shot of Black Sesame Macaroons
Second Place to Food Is Love with this stunning and colourful drink entry
Third Place with a delightful rendition of Bacon and Eggs is Taste Buddies/All Things Nice
In the category sections it was a very close battle but for Edibility we have Tecxcape with Boiled Dumplings
For Originality you can’t beat this wonderful picture of a dropped ice-cream by Mamaja Cooks
And for Aesthetics a tie between Sweet Corner, France Le Petrin and Darrellmom
And finally the hosts choice for one images that didn’t quite make it into a winning slot but is worthy of praise non-the-less. I would be mighty proud to have taken this satay picture but it was snaped by Our Family Favourite Recipes.

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  1. verO September 13, 2009

    I made de photo with the blackberry. I’d like to inform you you made a mistake with my name.
    It’s not Darrelmom but Delimoon.
    I’ll be happy with a badge, so yes, thank you, please send me one.
    Thank you for all.

  2. Andrew Chapman September 14, 2009

    Love the Mamaja Cooks pic!

  3. Sefa September 15, 2009

    Hi Andrew..
    Hope you are doing well. Thanks to you and the judges for choosing my photo as one of the winner. Congratulation to all winners.
    Yes please, I need the badge *wink to Shari*

  4. Bake in Paris September 15, 2009

    Andrew, can you please send me the badge please? Thank you…

  5. Douglas Blyde September 16, 2009

    Glad to have helped.
    Yours, ‘the man about town’.

  6. aforkfulofspaghetti September 18, 2009

    Well worth the wait – some real crackers there.

  7. Helen September 29, 2009

    Phew! Glad I didn’t totally stuff up the judging to be perfectly honest!