August 19, 2014

The Food at Scarfes

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Being a bar the attention, at least for a wine/drink writer, is on the drinks – for a special occasion the cocktails at Scarfes come highly recommended. But one should not ignore the food. There is a distinct Indian theme to the dishes although some come with a nod to southern France.

As this was a review visit we sampled perhaps several dishes more than one would normally.

The Food at Scarfes Bar

Crudités Citrus and Cumin Dip and toasted sourdough – crisp veg served with a lightly spiced cumin dip and toasted sourdough bread. A hors d’œuvre.
Chicken Tikka, Grilled Asparagus, Mango Coulis, Mint Chutney and Poached Egg – a superb dish, bites of chicken cooked with a mix of spices.
Jerusalem Artichokes, Goat’s Cheese, Olives, Pickled onion and Capers – a tad too much on the vinegar front here but nicely presented.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Chorizo Oil with pomegranates – not a great fan of soft shelled crab, but nice enough. Rosana raved about these crispy little bad-boys!
Hyderabadi Lamb Korma – rather pointlessly decorated with edible silver leaf but a moreishly tasty dish with lovely succulent lamb.
Aloo Mattar – lightly spiced lentils in tomato based sauce, simple but a nice foil.
King Prawns, Garlic, Parsley Casserole – overly salted (although I might be overly sensitive to salt these days as I am on a low-salt diet and avoid where possible) This dish being the nod to Provençal served with a saffron and turmeric mayo.
Sea Bream Curry – had a mear spoonful of this before Rosana manoeuvred the plate to her side of the table (which is a prime indication of how delicious this was).
There was also lovely naan bread and rice on the side.
Often for dessert you don’t require anything too heavy or large, especially after such a grand mix we had enjoyed – to the size and simplicity of the desserts was welcome. Strawberries Romanoff, Grand Marnier – strawberries in Grand Marnier and topped with cream and frieze dried strawberries and Berries and Spiced Almond Ice Cream – which was my choice was a near perfect dish to end on. The ice-cream was divine.

Photo Gallery: The Food at Scarfes

Scarfes Bar at The Rosewood 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN

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