September 26, 2010

Fishing At Kukkolaforsen, Sweden

By In Photographs
Kukkolaforsen at Haparanda on the Swedish border with Finland, a spot for rafting over rapids, for a little net fishing of returning salmon and white fish and a stop on our culinary journey through Lapland. Our attempts at fishing – traverse a rickety pier, scoop a net along the river floor and dip into a hole for resting fish was spectacularly unsuccessful. A case of ‘here’s some we caught earlier’ then as we were herded into a smoke-filled wooden hut. Around the fire fish on sticks were a-sizzling. One huge fish each as it transpired, resulting in sticky fingers, and fishy smelling trousers where the juices dribbled over cupped hands. An intense fire, smoky, almost claustrophobic atmosphere, primal, basic and the best fish I have ever eaten.

Even our host and guide had trouble extracting anything but they do actually catch fish this way – over breakfast the following morning we watched as a lanky, pig-tailed, Laplander scooped numerous fish out from those tumbling waters, in competition it seemed with a man on the far bank, in Finland.

Kukkolaforsen Turist och Konferens
Kukkolaforsen 184
953 91 Haparanda

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