April 12, 2011

Fish Finger Sandwich

By In Photographs
Dinner the other day was four fish fingers stuffed in a roll with a handful of green stuff pulled from a supermarket salad bag. (That’ll be spinach and watercress then). Topping this off was a squirt of the new Heinz Cucumber and Dill Salad Cream. Hey, a posh Fish Finger Sandwich!

Not as sweet as I recall Salad Cream being from my dim and distant youth and perhaps not enough of the cucumber flavour to warrent the name, but heck that dill is strong! In fact when tasted alone, the dill flavour was incredibly strong. Match it with some food though and it shines. And made me buy and eat some fish for once.

Fish Finger Sandwich

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  1. Julia @ DimpleArts April 13, 2011

    This is how most of our dinners are. Throw a few things together and call it a meal. This sandwich looks delicious!

  2. iCookFood July 6, 2011

    Great looking sandwich and a nice shot. I’ve been disappointed with my recent fish finger sandwiches, as they just don’t taste like I remembered. Not sure if it’s the bread, the fish fingers, or what? Just not the same somehow.
    Having a bit of camembert in there so that it melts between the fish fingers worked well in my youth, so might need to revisit that variation again sometime to see if it still works, although, it could just been that I’ve just finally grown up … I just don’t want to grow out of fish finger sandwiches… it’s the only reason that I occasionally buy the things.


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