December 23, 2013

Decorated Waitrose Christmas Cake

By In Photographs
Ok so the piping isn’t what you would call professional. The verticals are certainly not spaced evenly and frankly it really doesn’t resemble the envisioned final cake, but over all I’m rather pleased with it. In retrospect I really should have purchased a Father Christmas from the Waitrose cake section; by the time I thought of it the shelf was bare.

This culinary masterpiece is the decorated Waitrose Christmas Cake made from a kit. The decorations were sourced online though. The photo makes it look rather uneven, and close up, rather scrappy; more than it looks in the flesh. Still, I wont be starting a cake decorating business anytime soon.

Merry Christmas everyone. Mine should be seeing how much brandy I’ve ‘sprinkled’ over this cake since baking it!

PS: Anyone know what to do with a sheet of edible holly? I seem to have 30 left over…

Decorated Waitrose Christmas Cake


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  1. Jeanne @ Cooksister January 10, 2014

    Edible holly… eat it, surely?? ;o) I think the cake looks like a sterling effort! Certainly better than anything I would have produced…


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