January 5, 2010

Clearing Out the Photos Folder (I)

By In Photographs

With the imminent arrival of a sparkley new Windows 7 computer I’m backing up all the files, saving all the bookmarks and rifeling through the RSS feeds to select the very best (ie those I actually read!). The music partition is next in line for a backup.

The photos folder is chocker; there are loads here that have never graced the blog – photos from Alsace, at least a dozen bottles of wine and several food snaps. All destined for blog posts that will never be. Now I could TRY and utilise them properly but, in the case of these food pictures, they were to grace the recipe details here on SpittoonExtra and link to a wine note on Spittoon. With the passing of time and I dare say a fare few brain cells I have no recollection of where what when or why. Some I think are passably decent so post them here…

We have a snap labelled Food Travellers Potato Tart – obviously a plan to nick a recipe from Food Traveller and match it to a wine from Alsace, possibly… I recall the dish was rather lovely.
Did I ever use this rabbit casserole picture? It seems very familiar but not the best photo ever which might explain it languishing unused… although thinking about it I remember the dish wasn’t very nice, the cooking time far too long and dried out the meat. Even a decent wine couldn’t save it… And this salad – looks like it is a mix of pasta, rocket, green beans, parmesan and something ‘white’. Being labelled ‘sauvignon and food’ indicates some long lost plan for an all encompassing post on matching Sauvignon Blanc with various foods. The bottle is a Howard Park Sauvignon, an excellent zesty Australian rendition of the grape. Actually seeing the photo full-size, shows that it is not quite in focus and the top slice of parmesan lacks definition.

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  1. them apples January 8, 2010

    I’ve had the same experience with various rabb it casseroles…just generally underwhelming and a bit dry and tough, no matter how long they cook for.
    Never managed to take a decent photo of one, either…

  2. Zabeena January 13, 2010

    I’ve just gone through a similar process, I’m glad I’m not the only one who cannot remember…I love your rabbit casserole picture and am very disappointed that it wasn’t a good recipe. Even more so that the other comment also says there aren’t any decent ones out there… I’ve got this huge enamel casserole dish which my grandmother used for roasting a whole rabbit and I was rather hoping to use that one day. So, if anyone out there has a tried and tested recipe – please send it my way!

  3. Jeanne @Cooksister! January 20, 2010

    Andrew, you know I love you… but you are losing more than just a few brain cells:
    Blogged! I seem to know your archives better than YOU! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Abndrew January 20, 2010