January 24, 2010

Clearing Out the Photos Folder (II)

By In Photographs

Right, so the new computer is up and running. I’ve even managed to transfer the old hard disk over and thus rescuing all those photos… ‘the ones that didn’t make quite it’.
Although maybe Jeanne will jump in again and find that these have actually made it to some long forgotten blog post or other…

First up Baked Salmon Parcels. Looks like steamed in a little paper pocket with new potatoes, peas and an awful lot of butter! Shame about the dirty fork in the background.

Next up a dish of pasta with squid. Can’t even remember eating this one let alone where the recipe came from, the wine match… or where I brought the squid. (old age… just don’t go there people!). The third photo includes a wine – De Bortoli Sero Merlot-Sangiovese from Australia’s King Valley. The food looks like beef with cous cous topped with chickpeas, slices of mango with the red things being pepperdews, perhaps. An intriguing sounding dish, but I think rejected because the main mango (or maybe its peach?) slice looks a little grey and dull… Is that coriander on the last photo? It’s a steak on a celeriac mash but that little pot of stuff at the back is interesting – garlic, coriander, olives? and a dim recollection of anchovies slides into my addled brain.

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  1. Kathy - My Online Meals April 10, 2010

    These are the most incredible photos I have seen of food for a long, long time. Wow! I love the baked salmon parcel photo you did the most. The steak too!