April 26, 2007

Bread Recipes – Waiter There’s Something In My…

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Yeast at the ready boys and girls – here we go with the submissions to the fourth round of Waiter There’s Something In My…
For ease I have grouped these into ‘Sweet’ breads and ‘Savoury’. We have buns, we have loaves, we have naan bread, we have puff balls and Austrian delights and more brioché than you can wiggle a raisin at! A couple of entries were not actually bread so, sorry people, they don’t appear on the list. Enjoy!
Sweet Breads

  • Light Lemon Fruit Buns from Apple & Spice “The buns are great eaten as they are, spread with lemon curd or jam and are also great toasted. I even know someone who likes to eat theirs with cheese and marmalade”.
  • Fennel, Orange, Raisin & Pine Nut Bread from Kitchen Unplugged “I like any bread that requires longer fermentation, like this one; the crumb is usually more tender, with a deeper wheat-y aroma. From its title name you properly are overwhelmed, but not yet, wait until the first bite, you’ll start to wonder if everyday there’s carnival along the Ligurian coast, and that’s why the people can come up such an incredibly festive and soul-warming bread!”
  • Chocolate Chip Brioche from Puu’s Cookbook “I’ve been dreaming about brioche, mostly for things like strawberry-mascarpone French toast, bread puddings (also forthcoming, because I’ve been craving it for weeks, and it’s so unseasonably cold around here), and a great afternoon snack with my usual hot cocoa.”
  • Pecan Sticky Buns from Nook and Pantry “These are really good,” Steven said for the fourth time, as he unrolled and tore off pieces off his sticky bun. Rarely does he give something so much praise but these sticky buns were exceptional.”
  • Pain Brioché from Beyond Salmon “You have to realize that you are embarking on a 10 hour adventure here and it helps to know what to do if you need to leave the house or go to bed.”
  • Devonshire/Cornish Splits from Stitched in Holland “I know these as Cornish Splits, but across the border in Devon, these are known as Devonshire Splits. From the little information I gleaned in searches the recipe varies slightly between the two counties, a Devonshire Split being made with cream, while a Cornish Split uses milk. A Cornish Split is apparently a little smaller than a Devonshire Split.”
  • Cinnamon baguette-shaped brioche from O’Delices “My entry is a simple baguette-shaped brioche, in which I’ve added my favorite spice: cinnamon!”
  • Brioche from Tartelette “Simply buttered and touched by a spoonful of strawberry jam…nothing makes me happier”.
  • Chelsea Buns from Lemon Pi “They are pretty easy to whip up. All you really need is a bit of time to let the dough prove. The result is not so much life changing, rather life affirming, which should be a good enough reason to try making these at least once ”
  • Sopaipilla from Cafe Lynnylu “Sopaipillas are golden fried puffs of bread traditionally served at the dinner table in the Southwest, Mexico and South America, but are equally delicious drizzled with honey or stuffed with meat and beans”
  • Hot Rolls One Dozen Ways From Andrea’s Recipes “What I found was my two-year-old sampling rolls. He took one or two or three bites out of seven rolls and then put them back on the cooling racks. I guess he thought that since they all looked different they should taste different, too”.
  • Small Milk Rolls with Cranberries from Kochtopf
  • Chocolate Banana Bread from Rachel’s Bite “I love banana bread so was excited to see a recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread in Tyler’s Ultimate cookbook”.
  • Chocolate Brioche by Kitchen Musings “Making successful brioche dough is all about getting the temperature and consistency of the butter right”.
  • Brioche from Jumbo Empandas “For some reason I had always believed that brioche was difficult to make, I classified it as some sort of croissant variation. I couldn’t have been more wrong”.
  • Craquelin from Feed Your Vegetarian “we decided to make a Belgian bread called a craquelin. It is a brioche with orange flavored sugar cubes, that give the bread a nice crunch, hence the name craquelin!”
  • Flower of Surprises from My Kitchen “it was fun looking at Tak’s expression as he discovered different fillings in each petal. Actually after baking I could not tell which is which, kind of surprised myself too”.
  • Mostly Whole Wheat Raisin Bread from Cuis-Zine.
  • Chocolate Chunk Challah from Le Petrin
  • Schiacciata Con L’uva (Foccacia with Grapes) from A Luxe Life “This traditional Italian bread seems so celebratory yet rustic and evokes warm feelings of home and hearth. Taken from an old issue of Gourmet magazine, the instruction lists Chianti as one of the ingredients needed. What a perfect excuse for a new bottle of wine”.
  • Fig and Saffron Bread from The Food Philosophy
  • Berry Twist Bread from Technicolour Kitchen “The dough is so soft and tender you won’t believe it. I feel like trying it with a number of different jams, even though raspberry is my favorite”.

Hopefully, I placed each recipe correctly in the correct category – sweet or savoury. The buns in the photo above are fully in the sweet category, my version of Nook and Pantry’s Pecan Sticky Buns. The only differences being the removal of all that salt she adds and ustilising caster sugar rather than granulated. Basically they are Chelsea Buns without the currants. Good though!

Savoury Breads

  • Quick French Bread from The Well Seasoned Cook “French bread, a long, heavy arm of artisan crust as craggy and crackly as a lizard’s back, and a crumb dense and firm enough to withstand a crumbled smear of hard, cold butter without breaking”.
  • A bit like naan from Crispy Waffle “This is the naan recipe to serve with butter chicken. I’ve tried buying the ready-made stuff at the Asian grocery store, but am generally not that excited about it. (A lot of the time, it just ends up resembling really doughy pita bread.) It is nothing like the crispy/chewy/a-bit-greasy naan that you get at the hole-in-the-wall”
  • Tarragon Bread from News from the Kitchen.
  • Sage, Honey & Pecorino Heart Bread from My Adventures in Italy ” Bread with honey, sage and pecorino cheese. A golden brown with flecks of green sage, it looked delicious and complex, and I was craving a bit of complexity in my bread”
  • Whole Meal Bread from KnorQ’s Kitchen “I thought the bread turned out amazing. But maybe I was just hungry after waiting so long to take my first bite”.
  • Fennel Bread from Lien’s notes “I’ve said it before; Fennel, it’s one of my favorite vegetables, so I’ve put some in my bread. It’s really very nice”.
  • Naan Bread from Coconut Chutney “A good Naan recipe never fails you – pair it with a simple dal and you have a hearty and delicious meal”.
  • Farmhouse Bread from Küchenlatein ” If the bread is stale, cut into thick slices, toast, rub with garlic and sprinkle with olive oil. Serve with tomato cubes”.
  • Easter Wreath from Ala Grecque
  • Yam and Garlic Bread From Feeding My Enthusiasms “This is a great bread to go with soup”.
  • German bread from Pip In The City “It has to be something to do with carbonisation, not sure, but this dough is so damn tender I could eat it 4 times a day and be a happy camper”.
  • Bread rolls with arugula and confit tomatoes also from Pip In The City “this bread is just way too good to wait to post it and then forget all the tiny details of the cooking- and eating- process. In fact, it´s so good that it was the main element of our dinner that night, just the bread and a generous salad”.
  • New York Times No-Knead Sourdough from Porcini Chronicles “It’s the simplest thing in the world; the secret to great bread, it turns out is not work but time. It’s one of those culinary miracles”.
  • Robins Bread from Bake My Day
  • Calzone from Wino Sapien “From my limited understanding of Italian, a calzone is also a trouser leg”.
  • Polenta Bread from Koekje Van Eigen Deeg “When you like bread with a bite, this bread could be the one for you. Although this bread is simple to make, the taste is very good”
  • Simple Milk Loaf from SpittoonExtra “I find the best place to keep things warm is balancing, precariously I should add, the bowl on the back of my old CRT monitor”.
  • Thin-Crust Hawaiian Pizza from Teczcape “easier than store-bough pizza dough…and you can have your toasty and crispy thin-crust pizza like this! And that’s in my bread!”
  • Onioned barley and curd cheese soda bread from Bounteous Bites
  • Reuben sandwich from Seriously Good “as I paged through the book I found a recipe for something called a Reuben Braid that captivated me. It consisted of rye bread dough, rolled out, and then folded over the standard Reuben sandwich ingredients. This I had to try.”
  • Walnut Bread and Beetroot, Ginger Pickles from Bron Marshall “We enjoyed our Walnut bread lightly toasted and smeared with cream cheese and topped with some slightly crunchy homemade Beetroot and Ginger pickle slices. You could easily replace the cream cheese with a soft blue cheese or goats cheese instead. Surely a most enjoyable treat for a cool Autumn late afternoon with a drop of Port perhaps?!”
  • Sage, Honey & Pecorino Heart Bread from Ms Adventures in Italy
  • Ciambelle all’Anice by Mele cotte “I was going to make a semolina bread, but then changed my mind. (Like that is something new….Ha! Ha!) Instead, I made Ciambelle all’Anice. These rings of goodness won’t last long…”
  • Focaccia with sage and fontina cheese by Once Upon A Tart “waiter there is a bread in my basket. it’s crispy and some cheese is running out…”
  • Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread from Jugalbandi “The dog wags his tail, not for you, but for your bread”.
  • Polenta, Tomato and Basil Bread from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once “The colour of the bread is the first thing that lures you in and if that wasn’t enough, the ingredients leave you unable to resist”.
  • Wheat sourdough called “Hermann” from Chaoskueche “As far as I understand “Hermann” is similar to the Amish Friendship Bread”
  • Breadchick’s No-Fail Egg Bread from Breadchick “Holy Moly! Look at that rise on that loaf of egg bread!”
  • La gâche normande from Couverts & découvertes
  • Spinach & Fennel Loaf from What’s For Lunch, Honey? “”Can a loaf contain so many ingredients?” This thought keeps me running back and forth to my oven to check if the loaf has not exploded in there”.
  • Bread puff balls from Küchendunst aus Singapur
  • Pumpkin seed & sesame bread from the Passionate Cook
  • Bread with pine nuts, thyme and provolone piccante from The Kitchen Pantry “This bread is a complete invention: I had some provolone piccante and some pine nuts in the fridge (the pine nuts were in the fridge because I’ve toasted them some weeks ago…) and I wanted to use them together. And as the thyme is blossoming on the balcony, I added some fresh springs… Et voilà!”
  • Italian Polenta And Pine Nut Bread from Zombie Snack
  • Feta, Tomato and Rosemary Flowepot breads from Kitchen Delights “Bread never fails to please, especially if it has been made by your good self”
  • Rosemary Clover Rolls from Dine and Dish “Let me tell all of you… I think these have got to be the best rolls, hands down, that I have ever made. They are tender, soft and crusty all at the same time”.
  • English Muffin Bread from From Our Home To Yours “This bread is also great with scrambled eggs”.
  • Whole Wheat Bread with Wheat Berries from Sweet Sins “be warned, this is a 2-days recipe”.
  • Pane con zucchini (bread with zucchini) from An Italian in the US “The result is a delicious, dense, and moist bread with a hard crust. The taste is heavenly. The zucchini add a delicate flavor that can be tasted in the background. It’s wonderful also toasted, since it remains moist anyway”.
  • Estonian Mushroom Loaf (seenekarask) from Nami-Nami “The texture of the bread is quite heavy, so if you’re into light and fluffy breads, then this karask is not for you. It’s best when served warm, straight out of the oven, sliced thickly and buttered with a slightly salted butter”.
  • Brazilian cheesebread from Tembon In English “Brazilian cheese bread is such a popular recipe in Brazil. It spans all the five regions in which the country is divided and no matter your background or where you come from you are very likely to be fond of it”.
  • Paratha from Eating Leeds “So actually – waiter – there’s nothing in my bread, not even yeast and what are these hippy bean-lentil things doing on the side?!”
  • Fougasse au cheddar and Fougasse au fromage bleu et aux pacanes
    from Rouge Tomate
  • Beer and Cheese Bread from Cooksister “It makes a small loaf with a delicious chewy golden crust and a dense, cakey crumb. The yeasty beer flavour (I used Budweiser) really comes through in the end product and the cheese adds a wonderful richness. I was munching away on it over the weekend thinking ummm, this reminds me of something. And then it struck me: a cheese fondue!! Bread. Cheese. Beer. It all makes sense now.”
  • No Knead Bread from Ahaar

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  1. bee April 26, 2007

    what a fantastic spread. thanks for organising this.

  2. Andrea April 26, 2007

    Wow, what a great list! I can’t wait to try all of these. If I start right now I *might* be able to make all of them before Christmas! 🙂 Seriously, thanks for hosting this month.

  3. Amy April 26, 2007

    Thanks for hosting this great event! So many wonderful breads, luckily I bought a big jar of yeast so I can make plenty of these recipes.

  4. Ash April 26, 2007

    Amazing roundup!
    I think these WTSIM events should be published as a book through one of the self-publish thingies online, then at the end of the year we can all buy them. What do you think?
    Wouldn’t that be the definitive recipe collection to end all recipe collections?

  5. Pille April 26, 2007

    Gosh, that’s a lot of bread recipes!! It’d take ages to bake through the list, but I’ll certainly bookmark some of them. Thanks for the round-up – and I’m already looking forward to the next round of WTISIM!!

  6. Chris April 26, 2007

    This is a magnificient list of breads. I think there is going to be a shortage of yeast in the stores in the very near future. Thanks for rounding this up!

  7. mandira April 26, 2007

    the round up is fabulous andrew. Now I know where to look for the next bread recipe!
    Thank you for hosting.

  8. valentina April 26, 2007

    Hi..you mispelled the name of my blog. It is Trem bom.thanks.

  9. bron April 26, 2007

    Sheessh! That there, IS A LOT of bread!
    Thank you for putting this together Andrew, top job! Top theme!

  10. Helen April 27, 2007

    Whahh! I am set for the next 2 years! There are so many new recipes to try! Thanks for organizing it!

  11. gattina April 27, 2007

    that Chelsea bun is my kind of bread! Andrew, fantastic round-up, thank you!

  12. Anne April 27, 2007

    Oh my, already? Time totally flies – and it flew right away… I’ll have fun trying out the things in the round-up though!

  13. Wow, I can’t believe so many bread recipes to try!! Yippee!
    I moved my blog since last week, so when you go to the link on this page, there’s a link to take you to the new one which is open for comments! (http://www.msadventuresinitaly.com/blog/2007/04/20/sage-honey-pecorino-heart-bread/)

  14. Helene April 27, 2007

    Thanks a lot for hosting this round up. Yes all stores will have shortages of yeast and my family a neverending supply of new breads.
    Great Idea to publish a book. Perhaps it could be added to the Feed a Child campaign in India. (see link in my blog) 🙂

  15. ejm April 27, 2007

    Well, rats. I WAS going to be on time. But I just this morning posted my WTSIM…bread post. Late again. C’est la vie. Still, I’m very much looking forward to reading the round up of all the others who did manage to post on time. I LOVE bread!
    P.S. If only Jeanne had been hosting this time… I think she might agree with me that being only 2 days late is the same as being on time. 😉

  16. smita April 27, 2007

    Oy Andy,
    I’m shaking my sesame encrusted crackers at you 🙂 Aww, the injustice – there was bread flour, there was yeast but they didn’t qualify. Such is the fate of the few, the brave, the unconventional (sighs dramatically!!)
    Fabulous round-up though 🙂

  17. Andrew April 27, 2007

    Sorry Smita, but after conferring with my fellow Waiter controllers I was told only to include bread recipes. You were not the only non-listing I should add.

  18. Brilynn April 28, 2007

    That is a huge round up on an excellent topic Andrew, well done!

  19. Freya May 8, 2007

    Andrew, wonderful line-up! SO many different types of breads to experiment with, the inventiveness is unsurpassed!
    Thanks for hosting!
    p.s. You have me noted as Zombie Snack but my blog is actually called Writing at the Kitchen Table. Thanks

  20. Dawn June 2, 2007

    This is such a great idea. I love the series “Waiter what’s in my…” Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.