October 19, 2014

Boulangerie in Chablis

By In Photographs
Early morning in Chablis; an early wander before the full onslaught of the days wine tasting tour. A feeling that ‘some’ exercise was required after three days of indulgence. A dull and damp start to the day to be honest where even this pretty little Burgundian village struggled. A few alley-way shots, an aggressive ginger cat and a locked door to the church and then a decision to head back to the hotel.

A surprise outside this Boulangerie/Patisserle – who should emerge but none other than Christian Moreau clutching two baguettes! Who? Only the wine maker for my very favourite range of Chablis wines, that’s who! The richness and grace of his oaky style of wine might not be in the traditional or ‘ideal’ Chablis style but I loved them.

A wine maker endorsed bread shop. Something to remember next time you find yourself wandering down Rue Auxerroise in Chablis of a morning.

Boulangerie in Chablis


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  1. Jeanne Horak-Druiff October 21, 2014

    Nice shot. Nice story!


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