May 4, 2009

Blueberry Lemon Trifle

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The one dish I remember as a kid is Trifle. It remains one of my mothers signature dishes, although I’m sure the sherry content has markedly increased over the years. Complete with those multi-coloured sugar strands that eventually stain the cream topping, trifle is surely a ‘classic’ retro dish; so just right for this months Waiter event.

Now I’m not going to buy a pot of those strands for just one dish (where else would you use them?) but I do remember the use of crushed nuts (hazelnuts probably, or walnuts) once in a while. Blueberries wouldn’t have registered back in the ’70s, but are used here, replacing the original tin of mixed fruit. Just don’t mention the lemon curd. I’ve NEVER had a trifle with lemon curd in before, so that’s not really ‘retro’. But this recipe is quick, tasty and combines what a trifle is all about – fruit, cream, and sponge.

Bklueberry Lemon Trifle

A pack of French ‘Specialite Locale’ Madeleines (one or two per glass/individual serving), cut in half and spread with lemon curd. Then rejoined to make a sandwich are cut into slices and layered in the bottom of a suitable glass. A sprinkling of Sherry, Brandy or Lemoncello will add a suitable alcohol hit. Top with a few blueberries and smother those with some decent, vanilla-bean studded, ready made custard. In a separate bowl whisk mascarpone, cream and a squeeze of lemon juice together until thick. Swirl in some lemon curd and spoon on top of the custard. For four you will need 600ml custard, 250g mascarpone and 100ml double cream. Top with crushed nuts, pistachios, or multi-coloured sugar strands.

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  1. Jeanne May 8, 2009

    I don’t even *like* trifle and this looks good to me – so you can be very proud! I think lemon curd should be compulsory in all trifles and would hugely improve them!! Thanks for taking part in WTSIM this month 🙂

  2. Jeanne May 8, 2009

    The WTSIM retro classic round-up has now been posted! Come and take a look: