July 21, 2014

Does My Blog Live?

By In Blog Events
For many years the Does My Blog Look Good In This monthly challenge showcased the very best and, lets be honest, some atrocious food photos from bloggers around the world. During the time the challenge ran – hosted by a different blogger each month with entries judged by different people each month – the quality of entries noticeably increased. Even my own poor efforts (I think I won just the once) noticeably improved over time.

At its height I think there were a hundred or so entries per month. A real workload for the hosts and the judges. But as with all things over time the interest waned. Entries dwindled. I too, if I’m honest, lost interest and the decision was reached to close DMBLGIT down.

But a couple of months ago Neel from Learn Food Photography asked if he could resurrect the, once, highly regarded, bloggers challenge. Why not thought I – a fresh perspective and enthusiastic drive might just be what the food blogging world requires!

So Neel has taken over the organisation and running of DMBLGIT. Does My Blog Live? if so head over to Learn Food Photography, get your name down on the list if you would like to host, or get ready with the best of your food photos each month to enter.


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