April 7, 2008

Blackberry and Loquat Clafoutis

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The photo for this Blackberry and Loquat Clafoutis gives the impression that it is a bit skimpy on the blackberry front but under the lightly browned exterior is a layer of Loquats (whatever the ‘ell they are!) too. One of the simplest of desserts to make – a batter poured over fruit – is Clafoutis. The batter portion of the recipe was scribbled from some web-page backwater ages ago, a link now lost (so sorry if I nicked it from your site) but the combination of blackberries and loquats is my addition. No great plan or flavour combination intended, in fact the Select Foods Whole Loquats in Syrup were disappointingly light in flavour, it is just stuff I had to hand.

Clafoutis just happens to be Bron’s theme for this months Hay Hay It’s Donna Day. This is therefore my entry, as Bron asked so nicely for me to join in.

Recipe: Blackberry and Loquat Clafoutis

Blackberry and Loquat Clafoutis

Blackberry and Loquat Clafoutis
A French classic given an Autumnal makeover by using blackberries
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
50 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
40 min
Total Time
50 min
  1. 50g ground almonds
  2. 2 tbsp plain flour
  3. 100g caster sugar
  4. 2 eggs
  5. 2 egg yolks
  6. 250ml double cream
  7. punnet of blackberries
  8. jar of loquats
  1. Prepare the fruit and place in a dish.
  2. Mix all ingredients into a smooth batter and pour over the fruit.
  3. Bake for 40 minutes or so at 190C/17-Fan/G5 until lightly browned, risen and set.
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  1. Alex April 7, 2008

    I think you nicked that recipe from me … it’s almost identical to Gordon Ramsay’s recipe!

  2. Bron April 7, 2008

    Oh you’re a darling! I’ve never had loquats, blackberries sound divine though, thanks heaps for joining in.

  3. Alex April 8, 2008

    Oh, OK then … I’ll forgive you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jeanne April 8, 2008

    Oooooh, I do love a good clafoutis! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Bron’s event – I’ll definitely show up. We had a loquat tree in our garden when I was a kid but a) the mousebirds got to the fruit long before we could and b) my parents convinced us that eating stuff picked off trees in the garden would 100% definitely kill us (talk about over-cautious!) – so I only tasted my first loquat at Borough last year (you know, that market where you haven’t been!!). They taste like a cross between a litchi and an apricot (to me anyway) – there were also TONS of the trees heavy with fruit in Rome last Spring.

  5. Toffeeapple April 8, 2008

    Oh, you little devil! It’s been almost a year since I was in France eating the real stuff! Made with fresh cherries by the way! Will have to get the Man to take me there by the middle of May…I hope!

  6. Sophie April 9, 2008

    LOQUATS? What a fun name, never heard of them, but now I’m curious to how they taste :). Love learning about new foods! Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out when I make something boring for dinner or dessert :P.

  7. barbara April 10, 2008

    Growing up it was always a dare in our neighbourhood to climb this old guys fence and steal the loquats. Haven’t eaten once since. Love the recipe Andrew. Thanks for joining Hay Hay Its Donna Day.

  8. Holly May 2, 2008

    I like the almond meal idea in this. Sorry the loq-whatsa-ma-whozits flavor was weak. (Yeah, I still don’t know what they are. Going to check now…

  9. Andrew May 3, 2008

    The fruit was bottled in syrup I think. I am wondering if the blackberries overrode the loquats in flavour, which is why they appeared so uninteresting. I should remake it with just the loquats!

  10. Pam May 9, 2008

    I had a whole box of Loquats or Nesparos from the market once. I tried all sorts of recipes with them even ice cream which was about the best but they were not worth the effort. Put them straight in the bin!!