December 7, 2015

Bags of Love Personalised Gifts Using Your Own Photographs

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It took no time at all to upload three of my cocktail photos to the Bags of Love website and get an order for tea towels up and running. The fun bit was placing some text for each photo – selecting the font from a small range and positioning the text on the photo – the tricky bit was selecting which photos to use. Bags of Love offer personalised gifts using your own photographs not just on tea towels but on a whole assortment of items from bags and purses to duvet covers via chopping boards, cake stands, snack bowls and so on. You can place one image on an item or many on each product to ensure the result is totally personalised. I’m thinking some of my abstract photos might make some stunning t-shirts.

But I went with tea towels as Bags of Love are currently offering 3 for the price of 2. Bargain.

There are two options for tea towels. You can either go for a cotton version or a microfibre one. My photos are rather dark, not black, but as it was explained to me, darker hues do not come out that dark on the natural cotton. So microfibre it was.

And the result? Rather good as it happens. Five stars from me.

Bags of Love Personalised Gifts Using Your Own Photographs – Tea Towels

Make Your Own Tea Towel Dish Cloth
•Choose from split microfibre or 100% cotton
•70x50cm printed edge to edge 2 yr guarantee
•Wavy ric rac edge option in 4 colours
•High grade printed tea cloth sewn to order
•Create a montage tea towel with up to 20 pics

Split Microfibre Tea Towel

“Our microfibre tea towels are different not just because we print full colour images edge to edge on a modern material then sew it up, but because this new amazing textile has some unusual qualities. First, it’s light and soaks up water. Secondly it dries out fast, and thirdly it leaves no fibres. A microfibre tea towel is made of a high tech modern woven material famous for its excellent absorption and fast drying speed. Try drying a glass with it. No streaks or fibres remain. But if you want the traditional feeling tea cloth this is not for you! Bags of Love

Bags of Love are a British privately owned and funded business that started from a home in 2003 in the early days of eCommerce. They make products on demand – from raw materials with printing done in West London, offering us a range of personalisation options for products, gifts and presents to make limited edition one off’s.

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  1. Meeta December 9, 2015

    I am liking this idea! We did coffee mugs last year but I like the bags very much!

  2. Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet December 16, 2015

    Refreshing change from the stripy/chequered/fruity/vintage tea towels you get out there. Almost too pretty too use!

  3. that’s a great idea – like it! R


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