July 5, 2009

A Morcilla Tapas

By In Photographs
The photo shows dish that inspired this Tapas round of Waiter; a Morcilla dish eaten during my recent trip to Madrid.

As with all things tapas, the freshest ingredients matter most but simple and quick cooking are also important. Attempts to recreate this dish have moved on from using black pudding (it works but doesn’t have the same texture and contains more fatty lumps) to using the ‘real thing’ from Spanish deli Brindisa.
The morcilla is fried in a little olive oil, an egg is added and ‘stir-fried’, mix in a handful of toasted pine nuts too. Serve on top of a slice of toasted bread spread with a little homemade tomato sauce (Spanish tomatoes roasted for 15 minutes or so with olive oil and herbs, then pushed throough a seive). You’ll have to play with specific quantities…

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